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Friday, 22 January 2010

valentine day crafts-9 steps to making a valentine`s day card

I would like to introduce you in the great art form of card making for your valentine day crafts ideas look professional and surprise your special someone with a quality looking card.lets get started all we need is a computer a printer some craft paper like card and thin paper for your verse and a red envolope for your card, the card im going to show you is a 3D style card.

The 3D style card is the same picture taken about six times then the picture is made smaller and smaller and smaller so the picture is still in that same size and gives you the 3D effect.

step 1: Decide what size card you are making A4,A5,Dl? cut your card to size.

step 2: Print your front or inside verse from computer by using a word document with the wording in the correct position and save it.(this can then be changed to personal details when required.)

step 3: After printing onto card decide what theme the card is,(depending upon the person card is for.)
i.e. wedding-birthday/female/male/child.

step 4: Collect the embellishments you want to put onto the card and without attaching them, first place them in different positions to decide the best place.

step 5: If making a 3D decoupage card cut out all of the parts and attach pads to the back of each piece.

step 6: Attach and peel offs to borders of card and any backing sheets for the decoupage /embellishments.

step 7: When all of this is done start with the main and largest decoupage piece and attach to the card add each piece decreesing in size to the picture then put on any ribbons/beads/studs required.

step 8: Print out verse on either white-coloured or printed paper pesitioning the verse on the correct side of the paper so that it is in the correct position when opened. Fold sheet paper and slide into card to check size.

step 9: Use about 4 inch of double sided tape and attach to the inside back of the front section against the fold peel off tape, place paper inside along the tape and close card so that when opened the black sheet opens with the front of the card.

more info at valentine day crafts!
more info at valentine day crafts!

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Valentines Day Crafts For Kids

Valentines Day used to be a day for young couples to express their feelings to each other through handwritten notes and gifts such as roses and chocolates. Today Valentines Day is not just about romance but a good opportunity to show our appreciation to the people around us. You can share your love of creativity with your child through different Valentine's Day crafts projects that can be offered as gifts to the grandparents, friends or teachers. Most people consider the personalized Valentine crafts as the best gift one can receive so here are a few ideas that will help you bring out the artist or craftsperson in you and your child.

A house filled with love

Age: 3+

What you need:
-    Construction paper in different colours
-    Glue
-    A picture of your child

-    Help your child cut the construction paper in a square (8"x 8")
-    Cut the roof of the house in a triangle.
-    Cut little squares for the windows of the house.
-    Glue the roof and the windows on the square.
-    Cut a little "door" in the square and glue your child's picture inside the house.
-    Write a message inside the door.

Handmade Cards

Age: 1+

What you need:
-    Finger paints
-    Your child's hand
-    Thicker paper
-    Ribbon

-    If you child is very young, paint his/her hand(s) with red colour then press it in the center of the thick paper.
-    Draw the flower steam and some leafs
-    With your child's fingers, colour the sides of the paper with a different colour. Don't worry if the paint smudges: the card will be even nicer.
-    Punch two holes on one side of the card and attach the ribbon making a nice bow.
-    Write a message on the back of the card or if your child is older, help him write his name.

Edible Valentine's Day Treats

Age: 3+

What you need:
-    1 cup dark chocolate
-    1 cup white chocolate
-    4 teaspoons of vegetable oil
-    Strawberries, pretzels, angel food cake, etc.

-    Microwave the chocolate in separate bowls until softened, steering from time to time until chocolate is smooth (1 to 3 minutes)
-    Remove from microwave and add 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil to each chocolate bowl.
-    Under your supervision, let your child dip pretzels, strawberries or other fruits in the melted chocolate. Kids Activities Castle is an online Canadian community of like-minded parents who are looking to make other parents lives easier by offering information and ideas regarding.

read more here. Valentine day crafts!
read more here. Valentine day crafts!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

valentine day crafts

Valentine`s Day is  gifted with many craft specialties. Handmade crafts infuse Valentine`s Day with a special color. Numerous easy-to-make craft ideas overwhelms the mind long before the advent of the day.

A simple and unique craft item could  bloom`s  the special bonds between two lovers. Valentine`s Day candles are a popular item in the craft bag collection.

All one needs to do is melt some paraffin inside a can placed in a pan of hot water. One could then paste the melted paraffin over some construction paper cut out the shape of hearts. This could be glued to a candle and as a completing  touch a ribbon could be tied around the base of candle. A collage of special memoirs could comprise the craft theme for lovers on Valentine`s Day. It could be a collection of photographs, simple treasures like gift wrappers, old cards or any other special memory.

Crafts for Valentine`s Day also include special wall hangings. The best features of these wall hangings are heart-shaped paper designs and images of cupid with a bow and arrow. These wall hangings could also organize  some special personalized messages. Another gifted  craft item for the day is a Valentine`s Day address book. A simple address book can be enwrapped in a decorated piece of fabric cloth.

 The edges of this could be stitched, and a red ribbon with a few heart-shaped trinkets can be tied around it. This gives the address book a perfect Valentine`s Day touch to it.

Another wonderful craft idea for children would be to fill an empty baby food jar with a cinnamon-sugar mixture and candies. The lid of this jar is covered with paper cupcake holders and red hearts that are placed on it.Happy Valentine's Day! is written on an address label that is stuck at the outside of the jar. Besides this, a fuzzy bear craft would keep the kids busy for Valentine`s Day.

There are many more crafts for Valentine`s Day. The list is continuous. In short, any simple handwork could be transformed as a craftwork for Valentine`s Day. In an age where ready-made crafts and gifts are the order of the day, and time is a constraint, simple and unique handmade crafts could add that special touch of exclusivity to Valentine`s Day.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Valentine's Day Provides Opportunities For Children to Learn With Arts and Crafts

During early development, arts and crafts are extremely important for young children. Research shows that art expression develops brain capacity in early childhood and engages children's senses in open-ended play, developing cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills.

Quickly approaching, Valentine's Day provides an excellent opportunity to express creative and artistic abilities for young children, as well as giving them important lessons on the subjects of love, friendship, and expressing their feelings. The American traditions of exchanging Valentines in the classroom can leave many shy or sensitive children distraught and stressed when they receive less than another classmate or do not have enough to give one of their own to every student.

This stress can be alleviated when parents take the time to help their children create special Valentine's Day crafts and handmade valentines for their fellow classmates. Not only is the parent able to make sure there is enough for each student, the time the child spends creating has many benefits to his or her cognitive growth. Children who participate in arts and crafts feel positive about their work when they are able to create something they like and enjoy, so encourage children to make valentines that reflect their personal tastes and interests. Participating in the arts also encourages children to be flexible, develops concentration and the ability to interact with other children, including how to wait their turn. But above and foremost, children who are artistically active develop confidence in their abilities and are at ease with their creative nature. has created a resource center for Parents and Teachers. The resource center has Valentine's Day Card projects, videos, how-to's and other ideas. The resource center is focused on recycled and low cost Valentine's Day cards that are quick, simple and inexpensive to make. The resource center is located at

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Valentines Day Crafts Ideas for Kids

A small gift, a favor, an out-of-your-way effort-there are many ways to express your heart on Valentine day. Hand-made crafts are an instant hit when it comes to gifts-they not only are beautiful but also appreciated more because of the effort put into creating them.

Introduce Valentine's Day craft ideas in your family and convert your home into an activity center--the kids will love making these interesting crafts and giving them to people who mean a lot to them. Here are some Valentine's Day craft ideas listed below:

* Wrap a Styrofoam wreath with red ribbon. Glue candy all around and make them overlap each other. Attach a small ribbon loop at on one end so you can hang the wreath. The sweetheart candy wreath is ready.

* Cut two similar-sized hearts from a grocery bag and paste the edges together. Fill the heart with cotton and close the hole. Paint the heart red and spray pink paint over it after the red paint dries. Write a message across the heart with a dark-colored marker. Use buttons, ribbons, etc. to add a few more effects to the heart. Make a loop at one end with a ribbon so the recipient can hang it up.

* This Valentine's Day craft idea is very easy. Take some Styrofoam cups, paint them red and add glitter. Then, write a message on the cup. Fill your Valentine vase with lots of lollipops or flowers, depending on who you want to give it to.

* Take a small mirror and attach it on the inside of a card decorated with cut-outs of flowers and leaves. Make a crown or tiara with silver or golden paper and place it at the top of the mirror. On the outside, write a message complimenting the person who will open the card to see her own reflection wearing the tiara.

* Cut out a heart from a thick cardboard sheet and cut it into pieces so they can be easily rearranged like a jigsaw puzzle. Decorate the pieces and attach messages to some of them.

Valentine Day Poems are usually based on the theme of love and beauty. This Valentine's Day, pen your innermost thoughts; weave it into a touching poem which will bring a smile on your Valentine's face.
To view more goto.valentine day crafts!
To view more goto.valentine day crafts!